Prevention is your best protection

Flu season is coming and with so much information about vaccines currently available, it can be difficult to know what to do. After more than a year of social distancing and isolating, it’s especially important to take steps to help protect yourself, your loved ones and vulnerable community members against vaccine preventable diseases this winter. While you wait to be able to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, talk to your doctor about getting vaccinated against influenza and pneumococcal pneumonia, where indicated.

Read our expert advice on immunisations, how they work and what you should be discussing with your doctor to ensure you and your family are protected.

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General community

Learn more about vaccine preventable diseases, who is eligible for free vaccines and how you can protect yourself, your loved ones and the community this winter.

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Patients & carers

Winter can be a dangerous time for people with lung disease or lung cancer. Learn the steps you can take to stay well this winter including vaccinations, action plans and other expert information.

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Protect your mob

Viruses like influenza (the flu), COVID-19 and pneumococcal pneumonia can be dangerous, but there are ways to protect yourself and your mob.

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Health professionals

Read more about preparing your patients for winter, the right influenza vaccine for the right patient and changes to the pneumococcal vaccine schedule.

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Live Well, Breathe Better Webinar: COVID-19 Vaccination Information

The COVID-19 vaccination roll out is underway in Australia to help protect the health of Australians and prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. You may have questions about how the vaccines work, their effectiveness and what possible side effects they may have. In this webinar our expert speaker will summarise how the vaccines work and answer your frequently asked questions. A live question-and-answer session will also be available during the webinar for you to submit questions.

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